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New Portfolio Series goes live!

Amazing Internet is pleased to announce that a major upgrade to their pioneering website system has gone live. Featuring new mobile-friendly designs and lots of new features to make administering the websites easier and faster, and provide consistent beautiful sites.

Check it all out here.

Custom Look & Feel: New Pro Series Rolls Out

With the new Pro Series sites now rolling out many existing clients on our Portfolio Series are upgrading to get the custom look they want without the cost of us building a full custom site from scratch. You can see some great new examples here.

Portfolio Series Top Tips

Existing Portfolio clients have been getting help from our support and sales teams to work out any tweaks to their existing sites to help them make the templates work even better for them. Small adjustments such as sending a custom logo instead of using the default font, turning off the drop down menu in the galleries and replacing it with an image for each category and having the system generate square thumbnails are all small adjustments that make the Portfolio sites look much smarter.

New and Beautiful Bespoke

Amazing Internet continues to lead the way in the ultimate bespoke photography sites. See our custom sites here.