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How do I set up my email software for my Amazing Internet mail boxes?

If you have your website with us, chances are we manage your email for you too. If you have a mail box with us, rather than having your email routed to another email address, use the instructions below to set up your email software to access your mail box.

There are two things to setup. One is the Email Certificate and the other is the Email Software. Please follow the walkthroughs given below to install the certificate and then the walkthroughs further down the page for the setup of your email software.

Email Certificate Download and Installation

You will first have to install a certificate to be able to connect to the email server at Amazing Internet.

Outlook Express and Outlook

Internet Explorer 7 or above on a PC running Windows - see walkthrough

Using 'Internet Explorer 6' click here and you will be taken to a page which will automatically install the certificate on your computer.


Download the certificate to your computer by clicking here.

Open Thunderbird and follow the steps as described below.

Click on 'Tools' -> 'Options'

Click on 'View Certificates'

Click on the 'Authorities' Tab

Click on 'Import'

Select the certificate (AINet-cacert.pem) from where you saved it.

Click 'Open'

Check the 'Trust this CA to identify email users.' box.

Click 'OK'

Click 'OK'

Click 'OK'

Mac Mail and Entourage

Download the certificate to your computer by clicking here.

Open the application 'Keychain Access', located in Applications/Utilities.

With 'System' selected in the top left, click File > Import Items from the menu bar.

Locate the newly downloaded AINet-cacert.crt file (this can usually be found in your 'Downloads' folder) and ensure the destination is set to 'System'.

Click 'OK'. You may have to type in the username and password for the administrator account on your computer.

The Amazing Internet email certificate is now installed on your computer!

Email Software on MS Windows

Email Software on Apple Mac