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Amazing Photostore

Brief overview:

What is it?

Amazing Photostore is a bolt-on system for a website that allows pictures to be presented for sale as prints for offline delivery. In other words, it’s a shopping cart system that allows your clients, their friends and family, to order prints of the pictures that you have taken. You receive the orders from the website and then send the prints out exactly as you would normally do if you were receiving orders by post or telephone.

The pictures are organised into galleries with each gallery having its own optional password protection. Password protection can also be set to the same for all galleries, or turned off altogether.

How does it work?

Let’s say that you are a wedding photographer. You need to display the photos from five different weddings so that your clients and their guests can order the prints that they want. You set up a different gallery for each wedding and then (if you want to) issue a username and password for each wedding. The user can then go to the relevant gallery and order as many prints as they want.

What about payment?

The system allows you to set up different payment options. The options are currently for payment by cheque, credit card, or Paypal. Credit card payments can either be sent to you by encrypted e-mail, processed automatically on-line, or via the Paypal system. Amazing Internet cannot process payments on your behalf.

In detail:

Using the system

Images can be uploaded and processed in bulk or individually. The image type (e.g. black & white, or colour) is set when you upload the pictures. Each image is only uploaded at one size. The system automatically generates thumbnail images from this image, saving you hours of processing time. Once the pictures have been uploaded, all the administration of the pictures is done via your normal web browser using the special administration pages in a password-protected area of the system.

The system has a set of options that remains constant for all galleries. These options are used for the print purchasing and are things like:

  • print sizes (e.g. 8x6, 10x8, etc.)
  • print finishes (e.g. matte, gloss)
  • frames available (e.g. pine, aluminium)
  • sepia toning (only available for images marked as b&w)

You don’t have to offer all of these options, but they are available within the system should you wish to do so.

All of these options are configurable: you can add new print sizes, frame types etc. as required. Prices are set specifically for each option.

A further option allows for searching by image reference number.

Text content

All text within the system is configurable so that the site can be fully tailored to your tastes. This means that you can change the default messages and instructions given to the user, and edit virtually any of the text the appears on the pages within the system.

The sales system

The sales part of the system deals with the accepting of payment details, in particular credit card details. There are three options available for credit card payments:

  • Processing of credit card details offline by PDQ machine or similar
  • Processing of credit card details in real time on line
  • Paypal

The first method sends out, by encrypted e-mail, the credit details for processing. If you do not already have the facility to accept credit card charges, you will need to set this up with your bank. It is a requirement of most card processing banks that you tell them that you will be receiving orders via the Internet. You will also require a license for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) in order to receive the encrypted e-mail. At the time of writing, this software costs €/$50.00.

The second method above processes the cards directly in real time. This requires an Internet merchant account in addition to your normal credit card merchant account. We can assist you with setting this up.

The third payment method has been shown to be the easiest and provides the facility to receive payment via the Paypal system. It is very simple to use and takes only a few moments to set up.

The system allows you to set a credit card surcharge to offset the cost of processing the payment if you want.

It is also possible to allow the purchasers to select “payment by cheque”. This option simply sends out the completed order by e-mail and informs the purchaser of the amount they must pay, the cheque payee and the address to send the cheque to. The order can then be shipped once the cheque is received.

There are various options available for postage charges and credit card surcharges etc..

How it works:

Follow this link for a walk-through of screenshots to compliment the description in this section.

The system is fully self-contained and therefore only requires a single link from your existing website (if you have one). The system is hosted separately for security and technical reasons.

Click to see a larger image
This is the start page of the module. It, along with all the other pages shown here, will be made to integrate with any new or existing design.

When the user chooses to visit the system, the opening page presents all the available galleries as a drop-down list and prompts the viewer to choose the gallery they would like to view. When a choice has been made, the viewer is prompted for a password if required. The gallery page is then presented.

Once the user has arrived at the gallery a price list can be viewed at any time.

The viewer can then browse through the gallery. Each thumbnail image is available as a larger 'popup' image for previewing. The viewer can add the images of their choice to their virtual shopping basket. When they add an image to their basket, they are prompted with the image options as outlined above. At this point they choose the format of the print they would like, the quantity, and optionally choose a frame.

The contents of the basket can be viewed/edited at any time. Once the user is happy they can proceed to the virtual checkout.

Click to see a larger image
Credit card details are provided for payment details to be processed immediately or for later offline processing depending on the option chosen.

The virtual checkout prompts for the following information in sequence:

  1. Name, shipping address and instructions
  2. Credit card information if paying by card

Once this information has been entered, the viewer gets a chance to review/edit the order for confirmation purposes. The order is then confirmed once it is correct.

At this point, an e-mail receipt is sent out to the purchaser. A copy of the receipt is also sent to the module owner. Optionally this latter e-mail will contain the credit card information and will be encrypted.

Other software required:

In order to upload your images in bulk, you will need some software called an FTP client (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol). There are many of these available, some of them free of charge. We will recommend the best one to use based on your own computer system.


Set-up fee: Free for Amazing Internet clients with an existing site or for new clients when obtaining a custom or Portfolio site at the same time. £99 + VAT for set up when added to an existing site not designed and hosted by Amazing Internet. Design will be matched to your existing site.

Ongoing fees: £45 + VAT per month or £450 + VAT per annum. Includes unlimited client galleries and a maximum total of 10,000 images on line at any one time.

Amazing Photostore Lite: Set up costs as above, but £35 + VAT per month or £350 + VAT per annum for unlimited client galleries and a maximum total of 5,000 images on line at any one time.

Amazing Photostore Xtra Lite: Set up costs as above, but £25 + VAT per month or £250 + VAT per annum for unlimited client galleries and a maximum total of 2,000 images on line at any one time.

Space for additional images is available on request.

Follow the links to register for an on-line demonstration of Amazing Photo Store or have our sales staff contact you about Amazing Photostore.

Click here to download the Amazing Photostore checklist.