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Although ProSeries sites start out with a default setup, a variety of different pages and modules can be added to suit your exact needs. Here are some of the more common ones.

Matching Blog

We can supply you with a Wordpress blog which matches your website design, including the full menu from your website. This greatly enhances the visibility of your website to search engines.

Video page

If you have videos to display, we can create a page for ou which embeds videos from Vimeo, YouTube or Animoto.

Second-level gallery categories

Three gallery sections not enough? We can add a second level of categorisation within the gallery so you can have categories within each of the main gallery sections. This feature is dependent upon your choice of design since the 2nd level navigation does not fit in certain layouts.

Client galleries and print sales

Our Amazing Photostore system can be added to any ProSeries site. It allows you to set up password-protected galleries either for previewing to your clients or selling prints to them. It’s a fully-featured e-commerce system. More details can be found here.

Product pages

If you sell albums or framed prints to your clients, you may want to have a page which shows pictures of these various products and describes them. This could be a simple page or a special gallery section. There are lots of options, but it really depends on how many different products and styles you want to show.


If there’s a type of page that you’d like added, we can usually accommodate it. Once a ProSeries site is built, it can be customised in any way that you want, subject to cost. Just specify what you want and we’ll advise the best way to provide it and the associated cost.